Industrial Fire Safety & Prevention Tips

Every fire has the potential to cause devastating property losses and loss of life, but when a fire breaks out in an industrial facility, the risks are drastically elevated. An industrial fire can often involve volatile chemicals and other fuels that can result in explosive situations, so following proper industrial fire safety measures is critical to protecting your investment and the lives of those who work in your facility as well as those who live nearby.

Here are our top industrial fire prevention tips to help ensure your facility is safe and protected.

Install an Industrial Fire Protection System

Having an appropriate fire protection system installed in your industrial facility is arguably the most important thing you need to do. This not only means having the right fire alarm monitoring system in place, but also using the right type of fire suppression material in certain spaces. For instance, if your facility has a dedicated server room or a space where sensitive electronics are stored, then using a gaseous fire suppression system is recommended over the standard sprinkler system, which would otherwise destroy all the expensive equipment.

Follow OSHA Guidelines

OSHA fire codes are designed to protect facilities from fire hazards. So, following OSHA’s regulations will improve your facility’s overall fire safety. But don’t stop at OSHA’s guidelines. In certain areas, the local municipality may have additional state or local fire safety laws that need to be adhered to in addition to those outlined by OSHA. Failing to comply with these codes or OSHA’s fire codes will not only result in a higher risk of fire in your facility, but also put you at risk of accruing substantial fines and other complications with the law.

Have an Evacuation Plan in Place

Industrial facilities tend to be very large, so those inside need to know the quickest way to evacuate the building in the event of a fire. Creating an evacuation plan, and practicing it on a routine basis, will help your employees stay calmer and more focused on helping each other get out. And, by having a dedicated rally point away from the facility, it will be much easier to do an accurate headcount to ensure everyone got out safely.

Conduct Mandatory Fire Training

The more your employees know about preventing fires, the lower the risk will be of your facility having one. Therefore, you should provide mandatory fire training seminars a couple of times per year to help ensure the information remains fresh in their minds. It will also allow you to choose certain employees to perform certain vital tasks should a fire occur, such as making sure those in need of assistance get out and making sure that all doors are closed, but not locked, once everyone evacuates.

Require Proper Protective Clothing to Be Worn at All Times

Industrial environments often feature heavy machinery that can get extremely hot or even throw sparks. If employees aren’t wearing appropriate protective clothing, this can lead to a heightened risk of their clothes catching fire. The best way to avoid such a disaster is to require protective clothing to be worn at all times in any work environment that calls for it.

Keep the Facility Clean

From the kitchen area to the various workspaces, cleanliness needs to be a priority. When an industrial facility is dirty and the spaces are littered with debris, it increases the odds of an accident occurring. Keeping everything clean and tidy will make the workplace safer and healthier. 

Have Appropriate Fire Extinguishers Handy Throughout

Sometimes a small fire can be quickly extinguished in little time if there’s an appropriate fire extinguisher close by. Make sure you have the right type of fire extinguishers in their proper places, so your employees have them at their disposal should one be required, and make sure the extinguishers are always filled and ready for use.

Contact Metro Fire Inspections to Ensure Your Industrial Facility is Up to Code

If you have questions about your facility’s fire safety, or if you’re wondering if there’s anything else you can do to improve your level of preparedness against fires, Metro Fire Inspections is here to help. 

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