The Parts of a Fire Sprinkler System

Whether in person or in a movie, we all have likely seen sprinkler systems release water when a fire alarm goes off, but have you ever thought about how it works? Most people probably couldn’t name any other parts of a sprinkler system aside from the sprinkler itself. Here are the parts of a fire sprinkler system so that you can know how they operate.

Alarm Valve

When a sprinkler system is activated, the alarm valve is triggered. This valve controls the water flow into the sprinkler itself. It is a one-way valve, only meant to transport water to the sprinkler. It remains closed when the sprinkler heads are closed, but opens up once the heads are opened.

Alarm Test Valve

This is similar to the alarm valve, but it is specifically used when testing the sprinkler system. This means that it will work when the system is shut off. This valve is useful when testing our your fire protection system because it runs the fire pump without actually flooding the building.

Motorized Alarm

Sprinkler systems always have a fire alarm that is connected to it. Once the system is activated, the water flow sets off another trigger which sounds the fire alarm. This lets everyone in the building know that there is dangerous and gives them time to safely evacuate.

Sprinkler Heads

This is the part that we all see on a regular basis, which is the part that the water actually comes out from. They are simply valves that are designed to open up when the temperature gets too high. In movies, you often see sprinklers activated throughout the entire building when there is a fire. However, real sprinkler systems only activate in the area that they are needed, which keeps water damage to a minimum.

Stop Valve

The stop valve is pretty much what it sounds like. It is the valve that keeps water from flowing to the sprinkler head when the alarm isn’t going off. It also stops the flow of water in its tracks when the temperature goes back to normal.

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