There are more FDNY Inspectors, and more issuing fire code violations than at any point in the city’s history. FDNY Violations cost building owner’s tens of thousands of dollars in fines, lawyer fees, and corrective work invoices. Uncorrected fire code violations result in the City getting legal judgment against the respondent.

We take preventative measures and corrective measures for all FDNY violations with minimal impact to our client’s bottom line and greatest value to their facilities’ operations. We will file your certificate of correction with the FDNY by the compliance date, attain the FDNY letter of completion and avoid any hearing, fines or judgments. No guessing or surprises for our clients!

Fire code violations are on the rise! With more inspectors on the job, the FDNY is issuing more citations than ever before. These violations can be costly, resulting in fines, lawyer fees, and repair work that can total tens of thousands of dollars.

Don’t let a fire code violation hurt your wallet or your business! We offer preventative and corrective solutions to ensure your building is compliant, minimizing disruption and keeping your costs down.

Our services include:

  • Identifying and addressing potential fire code violations
  • Completing all necessary repairs efficiently
  • Filing the required paperwork with the FDNY to meet deadlines
  • Obtaining the FDNY letter of completion, ensuring your case is closed

With our help, you can avoid:

  • Costly fines and legal judgments
  • Time-consuming hearings
  • Uncertainty about your building’s compliance

We take the guesswork out of fire safety! Contact us today for peace of mind and a fire-safe building.

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